ACA Education

ACA Education

Why are these plans not listed in the Healthcare Exchange (

Our ACA-compliant plans have been recognized by the federal government as meeting all the minimum essential coverages of the Affordable Care Act. However, they are not listed on the Exchange because they do not qualify for financial subsidies. But because they are ACA-compliant, people with any of our ACA plans do not have to pay the health care tax penalty.

Who is your provider network?

Our extensive network is United Healthcare’s ChoicePlus network of health care providers. More than 20,000 providers across Tennessee belong to this network.

How many plans do you have?

We offer nine ACA-compliant plans. Several of these qualify as Health Savings Account (HSA) plans. All are available for individuals, as well as families.

How do ACA plans differ from your more traditional-type plans?

Our ACA-compliant plans provide the minimum essential coverage prescribed by the federal government, according to the Affordable Care Act. As such, people with these plans do not have to pay the health care tax penalty. Our more traditional plans, although they are subject to the tax, provide various other levels of coverage. So for some people, these levels of coverage might be more suitable for their circumstances yet cost less.

Farm Bureau Health Plans is proud to be able to offer a full range of different options so people can choose plans that best suit their needs and budgets.

I have other questions. Who can I call?

Please call one of our plans experts toll-free at 877-874-8323. Or visit the Farm Bureau Health Plans representative at your local Farm Bureau office; there is at least one in every county of Tennessee.

Ready to Enroll?

Farm Bureau Health Plans is proud to offer quality coverage at an affordable cost.

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