Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

The Farm Bureau Health Plans Health and Wellness Almanac is designed to give you information to stay educated about your health and well-being. Whether you’re looking for articles, tools, or simple health care term definitions, the Almanac is your one-stop, trusted source for information.

Mind-body Wellness

Diet and exercise are important, but your emotions and mind play a big part in your overall health. Our minds and bodies are definitely linked. Sore muscles, pain, headaches, and stomach problems can be caused by stress or constant worry. In the same way, if you are struggling with lasting pain or a health problem, you may become depressed, anxious, or stressed. Click here and you’ll find information on how stress and your thoughts affect your health. Then you’ll be directed to health tools to help you manage stress and tips for healing the body and mind.

Understanding the what, why, when, and how of your medicines

Think about the last medicine your doctor prescribed. Did you know whether to take it with or without food or water? Did you know what to do if you missed a dose? Did you know if there was something you could do instead of taking the medicine? When it comes to medicines, it’s important to know as much as possible about what you’re taking. Understanding the what, why, when, and how can help you stay on track and live better. Here’s a list of questions you might ask your doctor or pharmacist about your current medicines, or save it for the next medicine your doctor prescribes. 

Partnering with your doctor for better care

A strong partnership between you and your doctor is key to getting the best care possible. Not only do you want a doctor who understands what’s important to you, you want one who values your active participation in your own health care. Your doctor is an important resource in helping you understand your care. Sometimes you may have trouble understanding exactly what your doctor is saying. If that happens, don’t be afraid to ask questions. A doctor who knows and understands your needs and concerns can be your most valuable health partner. Click here to use this resource to help you work more closely with your doctor. 

How to kick a habit

If you’ve decided to change a habit—whether it is becoming more active, quitting smoking, or doing something else to improve your health—congratulations! You have taken an important step by focusing on future goals. Now it’s time to take action. But have you ever tried to change a habit and then, before you knew it, you were back doing the same old things again? Don’t get discouraged. Get a plan. Learn four steps that are proven to help people make a change for living better - click here.

Ready to kick the smoking habit?

Whether it’s a New Year’s resolution or your doctor’s recommendation, you’re finally giving your smoking habit some serious thought. You’d really like to quit, but are you ready? Your success or failure can depend on how ready you are to quit. By clicking here, you can use the interactive tool to learn if you’re ready or not.

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