Medicare Seminar Presentation

Medicare Seminar Presentation

Do you want an easy way to understand how Medicare works without wading through volumes of information?

Here is your opportunity to do just that in the comfort of your own home.  

See what Jan Graves, our Medicare Education Specialist has to say. Jan has been trained by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and her focused easy-to-understand Medicare - It's easier than you think presentation is the kind of information you can use to make informed decisions about your Medicare coverage.

Please complete the form on this page. You will need your RSVP code from your seminar invitation to access the online presentation. 


This is a solicitation of insurance. A representative of Farm Bureau Health Plans may contact you. Benefits not provided for expenses incurred while coverage under the policy is not in force, expense payable by Medicare, non-Medicare eligible expenses or any Medicare deductible or copayment or other expenses not covered under the policy.