Why Us?

Why Us?

We’ve gotcha covered with…

- More than 190 customer service representatives in every county of the state
- A wide range of affordable choices of health plans
- More than 70 years of expertise and experience (since 1947) in meeting the health coverage needs of Tennesseans
- Financial stability and strength to provide peace-of-mind for all of our 170,000+ members 

For decades, the Tennessee Farm Bureau has reflected values of trustworthiness, service to individuals and communities, and enhanced quality of life throughout the state. 
This proud reputation is also reflected by the employees of Farm Bureau Health Plans, the Farm Bureau service company that provides access to quality, affordable health care coverage to members. 
Farm Bureau Health Plans Representatives are in more than 190 offices across Tennessee (at least one in every county) to provide superior customer service and an exceptionally wide variety of health care coverage options.           
We are the only health coverage company in the state that has customer service representatives so closely located to so many Tennesseans.
For most Tennesseans, having choices of levels of coverage, deductibles, copayments and other plan features are important. So Farm Bureau Health Plans offers an extensive range of plans, including:
  • Comprehensive Health Coverage Plans
  • Medicare Supplements
  • Dental Coverage
  • Short Term Coverage
  • Health Savings Account-Qualified High Deductible Health Plans

More than 170,000 Tennesseans are protected by Farm Bureau Health Plans coverage. 
With this strength, stability, time-proven expertise and experience, Farm Bureau Health Plans works every day to meet the health care coverage needs of its members with quality and affordable protection.

  • Future Farmers of America
  • Young Farmers & Ranchers 
  • Agriculture In The Classroom
  • 4-H Health Nursing Scholarships
  • Columbia State Nursing Scholarship Program
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • United Way
  • Center of Hope
  • The Family Center
  • Youth Educational Foundation
  • Hope Clinic
  • Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle TN
  • Boys and Girls Clubs of America
  • Maury Regional Healthcare Foundation

Farm Bureau Health Plans
147 Bear Creek Pike
PO Box 313
Columbia, TN 38402-0313
Monday - Friday 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Contact us or call your local Farm Bureau Health Plans Representative 

Ready to Enroll?

Farm Bureau Health Plans is proud to offer quality coverage at an affordable cost.

Medicare Supplements Insured by TRH Health Insurance Company, Columbia, TN.
Not connected with or endorsed by the U.S. or state government. This is a solicitation of insurance. A representative of TRH Health Insurance Company may contact you. Benefits not provided for expenses incurred while coverage under the policy is not in force, expenses payable by Medicare, non- Medicare eligible expenses or any Medicare deductible or copayment/coinsurance or other expenses not covered under the policy.

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