Summary of Benefits and Coverage

Summary of Benefits and Coverage

In accordance with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), we have made available a copy of the Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) of your health plan.

The purpose of the SBC is to provide you with information on what your health plan covers, in a uniform format, accompanied by a glossary of health coverage and medical terms. To view the glossary of health coverage and medical terms, Click Here.

GRAND Advantage 300
GRAND Advantage 301
GRAND Advantage 500
GRAND Advantage 501
GRAND Advantage 501 M
GRAND Advantage 1000
GRAND Advantage 1001
GRAND Advantage 1001 M
GRAND Advantage 2500
GRAND Advantage 2501
GRAND Children’s Advantage 300
GRAND Children’s Advantage 500
GRAND Children’s Advantage 1000
GRAND Children’s Premier 315
GRAND Children’s Premier 515
GRAND Children’s Premier 1015
GRAND Complete Care 1500
GRAND Defined Benefits 3000
GRAND Defined Benefits 5000
GRAND HDHP 1500 Individual
GRAND HDHP 2100 Individual
GRAND HDHP 2101 Individual
GRAND HDHP 2500 Individual
GRAND HDHP 2600 Individual
GRAND HDHP 3000 Family
GRAND HDHP 4200 Family
GRAND HDHP 4201 Family
GRAND HDHP 5000 2 Person
GRAND HDHP 5000 3 Person
GRAND HDHP 5000 Family
GRAND HDHP 5150 Family
GRAND Major Medical 5000
GRAND Preferred 299
GRAND Preferred 300
GRAND Preferred 499
GRAND Preferred 500
GRAND Preferred 501 M
GRAND Preferred 1000
GRAND Preferred 1001
GRAND Preferred 1001 M
GRAND Preferred 1002
GRAND Premier 315
GRAND Premier 320
GRAND Premier 325
GRAND Premier 430
GRAND Premier 515
GRAND Premier 520
GRAND Premier 525
GRAND Premier 730
GRAND Premier 1015
GRAND Premier 1020
GRAND Premier 1025
GRAND Premier 1230
GRAND Premier 2515
GRAND Premier 2520
GRAND Premier 2525
GRAND Value Care 625
GRAND Value Care 1225
GRAND Value Care 2025
FBHP Silver
FBHP Bronze
FBHP Silver HSA-Qualified
FBHP Bronze HSA-Qualified
FBHP Catastrophic

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